February 25, 2004

An Impressive Achievement

I think congratulations are in order. It seems that I've received a special award. I was notified of this award in a letter that says the Republican party, "wouldn't be where we are today without you." Pretty impressive. Of course, there's a catch...

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember a little incident I had with a National Leadership Award through Congressman Tom Delay's office. Fortunately, Congressman Delay isn't involved with The Congressional Order of Merit. Instead, this dubious honor is from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The letter informing me of winning The Congressional Order of Merit contains some interesting items. It starts out like this:

Dear Friend, On behalf of the Executive Council of the NRCC, I'm honored to inform you that your unfailing support of President Bush, the men and women who serve him, our nation and our Republican cause so impressed the Council they've nominated you for the NRCC's highest honor.

Other than voting, I've done nothing for the Republican Party. I don't even vote a straight Republican ticket. The letter goes on to say, "...your record is too impressive to ignore".

Now, here's the catch. In order to be included in The Congressional Order of Merit Register you're supposed to send them a donation. They don't get around to this until the last page of the three page letter.

Your past support of President Bush and the Republican Party has been nothing short of heroic. I hope you will continue that work now with a special contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.

In other words, the award is basically just a ploy to get a donation. The last time I received one of these phoney baloney awards I contacted my US Senator to complain about it. These things are sleazy and they portray the Republican Party in a bad light.

I support the President. Afterall, this is a Blog for Bush, but this type of thing needs to stop. It's dishonest and just plain insulting to my intelligence.

But not everyone sees through this scam. There's a big story in the Georgetown Record about a guy named Arthur Greenburg. The story starts out with this key information:

Local businessman Arthur Greenberg has given generously to both political parties over the years, most recently the Republicans, saying he wanted to contribute to President Bush's war against world terrorism.

There's even a picture of Mr. Greenburg with his award.

I don't want to take anything away from Mr. Greenburg. He's probably a really good guy, but the award is a fund-raising scam.

There's also Al Jolson. The movie, The Jazz Singer, is based on his life. Well, you can go right here and read all about him. The very last sentence says this, "He left millions to Jewish and other charities and received posthumously the Congressional Order of Merit."

How do I know this is a scam? Well, it's for me. I've never done anything even remotely great for the Republican Party and I certainly haven't given them any appreciable amounts of money. Let's face it. If they're saying all of those great things about me in the letter - it can't possibly be genuine.

But they didn't fool everybody. This guy also saw through it and wrote an amusing article about his adventure with The Congressional Order of Merit.

I prefer to think on the bright side. It could've been worse. Much worse. I could've received The Congressional Order of Merit posthumously.

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I do appreciate the link.

Posted by: William Luse at March 1, 2004 01:57 AM

I got one of those too. I'm a libertarian who holds the Democratic and Republican parties in equal contempt, and just was doing a Google search to see who else has been getting these ridiculous things.

Posted by: garym at June 8, 2004 08:52 PM

Is this Congressional Merit real or is it a way to scam Americans.

Posted by: Janet Hopkins at September 21, 2004 03:19 PM